"Lovett "Vett" Evans is the Founder and Executive Producer at Amori Sounds and the Director of Sync Licensing at Boogie Down Synch.


As a music producer and audio engineer Vett is recognized for his divergent style and audacious production sound on tv shows like Jersey Shore's Family Vacation, TI & Tiny, Sisterhood Of Hip-hop, and Black Ink Crew.

He's worked behind the scenes as a mixing engineer on projects for NYCs premier independent artists like Axel Leon, Maino, Troy Ave, Smoke DZA, Fred The Godson, Uncle Murda and more."

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Check out all NEW orchestral hip-hop production music album titled, "Band Man - The Conductor" now available on all streaming platforms as heard on your favorite tv sports channel.

Released Nov. 22, 2021

Published by Morris & Young LLC

Copyright (c) 2021 Amori Sounds

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Lovett "Vett" Evans is a music industry professional born and raised in the Bronx borough of New York City. Vett was raised on the sounds of samples in the golden era of hip-hop and the stories of his dad as a band manager and drum playing in Harlem with Teddy Riley. Unknowingly, the seeds of him becoming a music producer was planted and by 14 Vett knew what he wanted to produce music but he didn't know how. Eager to start producing Lovett researched free software to get going but didn't find anything sufficient until he met a friend in high school who showed him Fruityloops. At first, Fruityloops seemed really complex but his excitement pushed him into mastering the software. Lovett eventually learned to master other DAW's like Protools, Logic, and Reason, which he includes into his work today.


In 2004, Vett found himself interning at Mantis Media, formally known as Native, out of interest in learning how to engineer recording sessions. In his early days at Mantis Media, Vett found himself unhappy; he wasn't doing what he intended to do. Instead of being on the creative side of the internship, he was mopping floors, shopping reels, organizing media closets and running to stores to pick up ink for the printer. After a few months of running errands, Craig Chan, his mentor noticed Vett's dedication and strong performance. From time to time, his mentor would ask him to set up for a session. Vett thought that if Craig was asking to complete small tasks, he would eventually do something more important and meaningful, so he stuck it through and eventually Ianded his first project assisting in the recording session for a TV commercial jingle Baby Bottle Pop.


In 2006, After graduating high school, Vett and his friends formed a record label with more experienced professionals. The called it Xposja Entertainment. The label took off fast becoming a home to 9 artist where Vett was the music producer responsible for the sound of each artist individually. It was by nature that Vett was able to create an array of stylistic production. He loved the flexibility and the idea that he as a producer wouldn't be known as a 1-dimensional music producer. As his skills developed as a music producer he was forced to pick up his skills as an audio engineer. He not only produced the music, he recorded and mixed the songs for the large group aswell. Xposja Ent eventually disbanded due to changes and conflicts of interest between the artist and management, but through experience, Vett inherited a wealth of knowledge and work ethic which paved his foundation.


Audemus Enterprises hired Lovett in 2008 as an audio engineer where he's worked with over 100 clients with some recognizable names like Maino, Troy Ave, Uncle Murda, Chary Ary, Axel, Fred The Godson and Smoke DZA. Da MVPz also took formation where he and partners Rene "Melo" Lopez and Frank "Keylow" Santiago became a production trio, producing records for Axel, Haddy Rackz, Bodega Bamz, and many more. In a 2012 collaboration with Caspa Narkz & Johnny Roset Cervini of Black House Records, Vett gained the attention of the Head of Urban Music for Atlantic Records, Mike Kyser, for co-producing a crossover single "In My City". In addition, he started to see his first royalty checks for music he produced for artist placed on various TV networks.


In 2017, Vett launched Amori Sounds, a music publishing and licensing company he started in light of his sons birth. Since the launch, Lovett has managed to get his music placed on TV shows like Bad Girls Club, Dr Miami, Black Ink Crew, Mob Wives, MTV Suspect and more. He's also signed a few artist to his publishing company. It took 11 years of experience for Vett to realize that this is the pocket of the industry he wants to be in. He looks forward in producing records for artist, but he finds more enjoyment in the freedom to express his mood into his music and still have a place to showcase the sound.

In 2020, Vett realizes and aligns his purpose to become an advocate for talented local bronx artist's who needs more visibility and a way to monetize their art. Boogie Down Synch is a one-stop synch agency providing the portal to discovering emerging musical talent from The Bronx. It's mission is to cultivate and empower successful musical artist by providing opportunities to raise brand awareness and additional income through sync licensing.

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